Extract from the Will of Leonard Loveys(e)

LOVEYSE, Leonard, esq.

19 Elis. (1577).

Chancery Inq. p.m. Ser. II. Vol.176 (24).


m.1. Commission directed to Roger Prideaux, Edward Emeredith, Edward Whiddon, esquires, and John Eveleighe, esq., feodary. Dated at Westminister 4 July 18 Eliz. (1576).

m.2. Devon and Cornwall. Delivered into court 8 May by Philip Webber, gent.

Inquisition taken at Exeter castle 18 April 19 Eliz. (1577), before Edward Whiddon, & John Everleigh; after the death of Leonard Lovies, esq., by the oath of Thomas Predyaux, John Davells, esquires, George Strobridge, John Hobbs, Edward Fry, Henry Waller, George Morris, William Bynford, Thomas Seyntcler, gentlemen, William Newbery, John Huchens, William Chase, Richard Bery, gent., Richard Sampson, John Cowne, Richard Estbrooke, William Batishill & John Gyles: - Who say that Leonard Lovies was seised of the manor of Affalande, and 20 mess., 10 tofts, 1 cornmill, 1 fulling mill, 200 acres of land, 60 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 30 of wood and 300 of heath in Affalande, uplowman, Tenacre, Clawton, Sampford Peuerell, Wayshefield and Kellatree; Affalande held of Richard Champernowne, esq., of the manor of Brodcliste, in free socage, by ld. rent; worth by the year, clear, £6:- Uplowman held of Michael Blount, esq., of his manor of Uplowman, by fealty; Worth , &c., 32s.4d. :- Tenacre held of Richard Northby and John Allyn, gentlemen of their manor of Clawton by fealty; worth, &c., 18s :- Clawton held of John Chudley, esq., of his manor of Brodcliste; worth, &c., £2:- Sampford Peuerell held of Amyas Paulet, Knt., of his manor of S.P.; worth, &c., 8s. :- Wayshefielde and Kellatree held of Richard Arscote, esq., of his manor of Pyworthye; worth, &c., 10s. Also the manor of Heaunton or Heigheaunton and 10 messuages, 6 tofts, 1 cornmill, 200 acres of land, 20 of meadow, 40 of pasture, 30 of wood and 100 of heath in Heigheaunton, Pyworthie, Hatherlegh, Langtree and Westramsterte:- Heaunton held of John Chudley, esq., of his manor of Exburne, by Knight’s service; worth, &c., £6.6s.6 1/2d:- 1/3 of the advowson there held of the same:- Pyworthye held of Richard Arscott’s manor of pyworthie; worth, &c., 8s:- Hatherlegh held of Arthur Arscott, gent., of his manor of Hatherlegh; worth, &c., 10s:- Langtree held of Thomas Hatche, gent., of his manor of Langtree; worth, &c., 10s:- Westramsterte held of Richard Deane, gent., of his manor of Brodewoodwiger; worth, &c., 5s:- Also the manor of Rillaton Pengelley, and 12 messuages, 5 tofts, 1 mill, 1 dovecot, 100 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 20 of wood and 200 of heath in Rillaton Pengelley, Saltayshe, Millbrooke, Shillingham, Foxehole, Tavena, Luccombe, Marramchurch, Estmenhenett, Trematon and Lynkynhorne, co. Cornwall, held of the queen, of Trematon castle, in free socage, by 2s.ld.rent; worth, &c., £4:- the manor of Willesworthie, and 8 messuages, 3 tofts, 1 cornmill, 1 dovecot, 300 acres of land, 60 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 20 of wood and 200 of heath in Willesworthie, Ogbeare, Grayhouse, Ballesdon, Nordon, Dollesdon, Trecorrye and Whitstone, co. Cornwall, held of the queen’s fee of the weeke, St. Mary, by Knights service; worth, &c., £4:- the manor of Trevesquytte, and 10 messuages, 4 tofts, 1 dovecot, 60 acres of land, 20 of meadow, 40 of pasture, 20 of wood and 100 of heath in Trevesquit, Tutchyn, Slowebrudge, and Boyton, Brudge Davies, St. Mabyn and St. Stephens:- Trevesquitt held of the queen by 1/20 of a knight,s fee; worth, &c., £14; Tutchyn, Slowebridge and Boyton held of John Fitz, esq., of his manor of Horcacott; worth, &c., ...; Brudge Davies held of Philip Cole, esq., of his manor of Venton Davies, in free socage, by 1d. rent every third year; worth, &c., 12d.; St. Mabyn held of the queen’s manor of Estgrenewiche, by free socage; worth, &c., 12d., 3/4 of the advowson of the church there, held of the queen; St. Stephen’s held of Ptere Corrington, esq., of his manor of St. Stephens; worth, &c., 2s Also 1 garden in Exeter, held of William, bishop of Exeter; worth, &c., 6s By charter dated 9 July 10 Eliz. (1568), on the marriage (1) of the said Leonard Lovies and Ibota Speckott, second daughter of Edmund Speckott of Thornebury, esq., deceased, the said Leonard granted to the said Ibot an annuity of £20 out of Affalande, Trevesquytte and St. Mabyn, for life, to be received on the 4 quarter days in the south porch of Clawton Church, between 9 & 11a.m. Ibota is yet living at Ogbeare. Leonard Lovies made his will, at Ogbeare 20 March 18 Elis. (1575/6). He bequeathed to Thomas his son and heir all his lands in Devon & Cornwall, except Trevesquit, St. Mabine, the barton of Affalande, Heighaunton and Tenacre. He died at Ogbeare 14 April 18 Eliz. (1576). Thomas, son and heir, aged 30. (1)Evidently second marriage.